Agile 2 BPCS

Import Validation Agent

The Agile 2 BPCS Import Validation Agent is a system that acts as a data bridge between Agile and BPCS. Engineering changes made in Agile are able to automatically change relevant BPCS data such as Item Master or Bill of Materials files. This eliminates the need for manual entry of engineering changes into BPCS.

How it works

  • Installed on AS/400
  • Periodically searches Agile Connect for new files
  • Copies new Agile file to holding file for processing
  • Substitutes BPCS field names for Agile field names
  • Loads all required BPCS default values into record
  • Updates BPCS with new or updated record
  • Generates audit report of successes and failures
  • Tracks changes to Item Master, Bill of Materials (BOM), BOM Notes, and BOM Reference Designators
  • Variable sleep mode from 30 seconds to 24 hours
  • Multiple-record sequential processing
  • Automatic deletion of holding files after processing
  • Line item audit report for each record

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