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Systems Planning
Matching system requirements to the needs of a your company is today's primary business challenge.  Most organizations find themselves driven by user demand rather than a systematic approach to computer resource planning. Even more important is the proper planning of human resources within the systems organization. SOI personnel can devise a pragmatic systems plan that addresses your organization's needs while working within your time and cost constraints.

Product Evaluation
Today there is a tremendous proliferation of computer technologies available to clients.  SOI personnel know how to apply technology to solve your specific business problems and to help your organization to run more efficiently.  We can reduce the time and effort it takes to select the right solution for your organization.  In addition, we are available to help you with implementation  and customization after you have made your product decision.

Disaster Planning
Often overlooked, the impact of a major disaster can sever the company from its customers.  Proper planning for disaster recovery can insure profitable operations immediately following a catastrophic event.  SOI can assist in the development of a thorough plan to minimize the risk of a significant loss should disaster strike.

Business Planning
Developing a business plan can be a time-consuming and costly process.  SOI can assist with the direction and final development of your business plan, so that it can be kept on track without a lot of hassle.  Our insightful questioning and interviewing techniques will help you remain focused on the most pertinent business issues.  This allows you to get your work done in a timely and efficient manner.

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