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Inventory Performance Monitor


Material Controllers and Finance personnel who use BPCS like Inventory Performance Monitor because it allows them to view the information they need quickly and in an easy-to-read format.

Inventory Performance Monitor allows users to: 

  • View inventory data for groups of items, called families, as well as each item with a family.
  • Create item families using any combination of popular BPCS codes, for example, all items with a particular item class or buyer code.  
  • Define target or budget figures for on-hand quantity, value and inventory turns. 
This program has extensive inquiry and report capabilities with drill-down capability.  A variance analysis of actual compared to target values is available as an inquiry or report.  A projected obsolete stock report shows items where current on-hand quantity is greater than total demand.  All reports have to option to produce a data file for subsequent downloading to a PC. 

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