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BPCS supports many different types of notes which can be associated with items, customers, vendors, and orders.  However, in order to view these notes, you have to use the maintenance programs.  Our experience has shown that this is often undesirable, especially in carefully controlled environments such as process industries.  If users have to access the notes maintenance routines to view notes, there is always a danger that data may be accidentally lost or changed.

Notes Inquiry offers several stand-alone inquiries into the major notes categories. Users of this program can view item, customer, vendor, lot, purchase order, sales order, bills of material and routings notes without being able to perform maintenance.  

Selected inquiries can be added to individual user menus if so desired.  For some notes, users can limit displays to show only note lines with a particular value in the note line print flag fields.

BPCS users will instantly feel at home with the inquiry screens because the notes details are displayed in the same format as the maintenance options. All screens look and feel like any other BPCS program.

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