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Creating new items using standard BPCS item maintenance routines can be a time-consuming process.  Even if the user opts to create a new item by copying an existing one, the process has to be done one item at a time and the user is stepped through every maintenance screen.  In the real world, most BPCS users have groups of items that have similar characteristics, the only major differences being item number and description. 

Item Creation Utility is a low-cost utility that provides the capability to create new item numbers in BPCS by just entering item numbers and descriptions.  Other field values, item notes, and list prices are copied from a user-entered master item.  Item Facility file (CIC) records can also be created en masse for selected items.

Features of Item Creation Utility

  • Mass creation of Item Master file (IIM) records after entering just new item numbers and their description
  • Mass creation of Item Facility file (CIC) records
  • Provides similar data validation as standard maintenance
  • Option to copy files prior to creation of new records
  • Full Audit Trail
  • On-line cursor sensitive helptext
  • Looks and feels like BPCS

How can Item Creation Utility benefit your organization?

  • Save time by creating many new items in a matter of minutes, thus decreasing data entry time.
  • Improve data consistency by creating groups of similar items with similar characteristics from the same master item.
  • Increase efficiency by reducing initial project implementation time. 
  • Enhance testing effectiveness by creating more realistic data volumes for prototyping and testing.

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