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Routing Maintenance Utility


The Routings Maintenance Utility allows BPCS users to create, change or delete entire routings for many items at once.  Users can also copy or delete associated routing text.  This utility can therefore significantly reduce the time and effort required to set up the base data required for Costing, Shop Floor Control and Capacity Planning.

How does it work?
The user first selects a number of items for which routings are to be created, changed or deleted, called ‘target items’.  The selection process allows items with common codes such as item class, planner, or buyer, to be included in the update.  A wild card selection option can also be chosen to select all items with a common value in the item number or item description.

Having selected the items to be maintained, a master routing is selected, which will be copied to all of the target items in the selection.  In delete mode, the selected items will have their entire routings deleted.  The user has the option to copy only selected operations from the master item.  Routing text for selected operations of the master routing item can also be copied to the target items.

Routing Maintenance Utility produces an audit trail of actions carried out.  In addition, the audit report can be requested without an update for simulation purposes. 

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