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BPCS users are faced with the problem that there are no global Item Notes, Customer/Ship-to Notes or Vendor Notes.  In addition, notes related to an item, customer or vendor are not copied to the new item, customer/ship-to or vendor when the copy functions are used.

The Notes Maintenance Utility is a low cost utility that allows BPCS users to create, maintain or delete multiple lines of notes for many items or customers or vendors at once.  Users first select the items, customers or vendors whose notes are to be maintained using a combination of selection criteria.  Full audit trails are produced and there is an option to copy notes files prior to any update.

Features of Notes Maintenance Utility

  • Can create new notes for many items, customers or vendors at once
  • New notes can be added to existing notes or can replace existing notes
  • Option to delete ALL notes for selected items, customers or vendors
  • Option to delete INDIVIDUAL lines of notes for selected items, customers or vendors using wild card searches on text
  • Can delete INDIVIDUAL lines of notes based on the value of specified print codes, e.g., delete all notes that print on purchase orders
  • Full audit trail and simulation capability
  • On-line cursor sensitive helptext
  • Data validation as per standard maintenance to prevent data corruption
  • Looks and feels like BPCS 


  • Significantly reduces data set-up time
  • Improves data accuracy by reducing manual keying effort
  • Reduces chance of missed notes because selected items are automatically updated
  • Much easier to have more frequent changes of notes or temporary notes as the keying burden is significantly reduced

How does it work? 
The user selects a number of items, customer/ship-to's or vendors to be updated by entering values into a front end screen allowing a number of selection criteria to be defined including wildcard options on descriptions.  The items, customers, ship-to's or vendors selected are then displayed.  The user can manually add more items, customers, ship-to's or vendors to the list or remove existing ones.

For all selections, the common notes to be applied may be entered on a single screen before running an update program that applies the entered values.  The notes entered may be added to any existing notes or replace the current notes.  In addition, all or selected individual lines of notes for a user defined range of selections can be deleted.  After the update, an audit report is produced showing the selections that have been changed. 

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