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BPCS users are faced with a maintenance problem when it comes to setting up and maintaining various planning-related item codes such as lead times and order policy codes.  The problem is further complicated in multi-facility environments where much of this data can be held in the item file (IIM) or different values can be held in the item/facility planning data file (CIC).

The Item Maintenance Utility is a selection of user entry screens, update programs and audit reports to make the setting up of planning-related data much easier, quicker and more accurate.  In essence, the user selects a number of items to be updated by keying values into a front end screen allowing the entry of ranges of item types, classes, etc.

There is also a wild-card selection option, which can be used to select all items with a common value in the item number or item description, for instance.  The items selected are then displayed.  The user can manually add more items and remove existing ones, if desired.

For all of the items selected, the common planning parameters may be entered on a single screen before running an update program that applies the entered values to all items selected, using similar validation routines to the standard BPCS file maintenance programs.

After the update, an audit report is produced showing the before and after values of each item.

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