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With Price Maintenance Utility, users can quickly create, delete or maintain special prices, multicurrency list prices or item master file list prices.  A new price can be calculated using a base amount that can be tied to an existing price, standard cost or frozen cost. 

Price Maintenance Utility is available for all versions of  BPCS  from 2.1.5 and up and comes complete with built-in data validation.  This program can significantly reduce the time and effort involved with annual or ongoing price changes. 

Users can specify whether the base amount is to be adjusted by a fixed amount or by a percentage or both.  Where both a percentage and a fixed amount are to be applied, the user decides if the fixed amount should be applied first and the percentage second or vice versa.  When the new price has been calculated, it price can be rounded to two decimal places if desired.

Before the changes are applied, the user can the option to copy the existing price file to guard against errors.  After the update, the program generates an audit report that shows the changes made. 

Features of Price Maintenance Utility

  • Price changes can be based on percentage or numeric change
  • Mass maintenance of special prices and multi-currency list prices
  • Mass maintenance of Item Master File list prices
  • Allows ‘cost plus’ pricing
  • Full audit trail and simulation capability
  • Special price inquiry and report
  • On-line cursor sensitive helptext
  • Data validation as per standard maintenance to prevent data corruption


  • Improves pricing accuracy by reducing manual keying effort.
  • Reduces chance of missing prices because prices are automatically updated for a range of items or customers.
  • New or revised prices can be based upon existing prices or costs, virtually eliminating the need for manual cost calculations.
  • Makes frequent price changes or special offers easy to implement. 

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