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All of our products look and feel like the rest of BPCS and are available for BPCS versions 3, 3.1, 4, 5.1, 5.2 and 6.  These programs use the same conventions as BPCS for function keys (F3 to exit, F4 to prompt, etc.) so that you'll instantly feel at home using these time-savers.

Mass Maintenance Utilities
The programs listed below provide a quick and easy way to create, maintain and delete key data fields for many records at once.  All mass updates go through data validation similar to the standard BPCS maintenance programs thus ensuring data integrity.  All utilities provide both an update and a simulated update capability, with options to be run interactively or in batch mode and all produce at least one audit report.  All utilities give the user a choice of whether to copy the file being changed before any update is made. The utilities currently available are:

  • Item Maintenance Utility provides the capability to update key fields in the Item Master and Item Facility files for many items at once. 
  • Item Creation Utility is a very low cost utility that provides the capability to create new item numbers in BPCS by just entering item numbers and descriptions.
  • Price Maintenance Utility allows users to create, copy, maintain or delete list prices, multi-currency list prices and special prices.  This makes data setup and ongoing maintenance much easier.
  • Notes Maintenance Utility provides the capability to add to, replace or delete notes for many items, customers or vendors at once. 
  • Routing Maintenance Utility provides the ability to copy all or selected operations of a routing from a master item to many other items.


Add-On Products
Unlike the mass maintenance utilities, the following products do not change any BPCS data at all.  Instead, they allow you to find information quickly and easily using only the data fields you need.

  • Inventory Performance Monitor allows you to analyze your BPCS Inventory data to easily highlight slow moving items and obsolete stock and to calculate stock turnover and number of days supply. 
  • Notes Inquiry allows users to view item, customer, vendor, lot, purchase order, sales order, bills of material and routings notes without being able to perform maintenance. This helps protect data integrity while giving access to everyone in your organization who needs the information. 

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